1. Anonymous said: How do you meet cis guys to spank and fuck you? I'm an FTM who wants to have a cis guy spank and fuck me...but I don't know where to look...

    Honestly, gay hookup sites and apps.  I met my man from a trashy craigslist ad.  Best hookup ever.  Outside of that I can recommend and local queer or kink communities.  

    Followers?  Any suggestions for him?

  2. inchargedad:

    such a good boy

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  3. gayboykink:

    So perky, I wanna squeeze.


  4. maddoxmystery said: Hey. Don't know if you remember me but I just have a question for you. I've never really thought about bottoming before even though I'm a transguy I always wanted to be a top. Mainly cause the idea of topping makes me feel like more of a man. But now I'm curious. So my question is what does it feel like to have a dick inside you and does bottoming make you less of a man?

    I used to top my ex who was female, but over time I began bottoming more because it feels great to me and I got more in touch with my submissive side.  

    Nowdays I pretty much exclusively date men.  Frankly I have no interest in topping for a few reasons:  a) Dick feels so fucking good.  b) I’m convinced I’m going to hurt someone using a stapon anally (yeah I know it is just fine if I’m careful but its irrational)  c) I’m a submissive kinky guy and getting used is such an amazing feeling.  d) Did I mention that dick feels amazing?

    And nope bottoming does not make me less of a man.  If anything, it validates my manhood because even totally gay men enjoy me and I’m confident enough in my masculinity to get fucked.  I get both my holes used and its pretty rad.

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    See….this is what you do to me !!

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    Swimmers, wrestlers, football players / singlets, jockstraps, speedos and spandex!

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    It feels good to have a purpose, doesn’t it boy?

    I bet Sir feels his boy’s dick throbbing in his hand. 

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  11. I must learn this. I’m shy.


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    weekend fun in the garage

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    Want more like this? Go either here and/or above:

    this is profoundly hot to me

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