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    Monster Under The Bed by Savannah Horrocks

    Lust Angels practice many forms of seduction before they’re sent to out convert.

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    Is that Zayn Malik?

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  4. So horny tonight msg me here or on KIK.

    Send your Kik username to me and lets talk if you want to talk dirty and roleplay.


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    "That’s a good faggot, worship my fucking cock like the sweet whore you are."

    gladly SIR

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    This is the realest shit

    I used to fantasize about this constantly I was so poor.  Now I’ much happier while being moderately poor and those dreams have subsided.  Now I simply fantasize about getting a windfall.

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    One of the great privileges of being a Dom is enjoying you where we are. It is mine to play and tease. 

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    The results of some hot cis guy trans guy cuddlefucking this afternoon.

    Hmmm…  I know that it is unlikely a guy would become pregnant while on T, but there is still a small chance (it happened to an old friend of mine many years ago)… plus, there’s the HIV/STD thing.   What do you guys think of cis-ftm barebacking?

    I have 2 (and a halfish) partners. We’re all texted and play pretty within our circle. I’m FtM, one is cismale, the other two cisfemale. The cismale barebacks me all the time. I have an IUD though so no pregnancy risk. I love the feeling of cum inside me. Point is I don’t see the problem with it as long as all parties consent to the risks and have been tested.

    So, I’ll weigh in since it is my body at hand.  I have an IUD in as I’ve not had any lower surgery.  The man involved is my committed partner of 3 years.  Even if I was barebacking tons of guys I could be on prep or being very selective and testing often.  Frankly I love getting pumped full of cum.  Its fucking hot and if there weren’t so much risk involved I’d do it with a lot more guys happily.


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    A faggot properly worshipping his roommate.